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At Global Capital Group, you will find our service consultants who are driven with your success in mind. Here are our keys to success:

  • Knowledge Capital that helps our clients utilize knowledge as an organizational asset and a basis for intellectual wealth.
  • Enterprise Capital to empower our clients to stimulate innovation and creativity to meet the needs of the marketplace.
  • Social Capital to help our clients maximize influence and connections to reach their business objectives.

  • More Information on the Three Capitals Framework

Global Capital Group offers a variety of services to achieve that, the quality of which you are unlikely to find at other consulting firms:

Talent Productivity:
We design sustainable diversity systems, create value excellence platforms, and drive community and organizational innovation by identifying and tapping into a multitude of human identities and cultural assets.

Organizational Development:
We work with organizations of all sectors to lead and manage complexity in the new economy. Simply put, we make change happen and help people and organizations realize their potential in addition to bringing clarity to complex challenges.

Entrepreneurship/Wealth Creation Ecosystems Growth:
We assist regions and nations in accelerating transcended business models with special focus on creating jobs and increasing individual incomes sufficient to generate a sustainable economy and achieve recognizable reduction in poverty and nihilism.
Entrepreneurship and Economic Development Research:
We provide first-rate, tailored and applied research on a broad range of entrepreneurship and economic development topics that produce fully sourced and reliable data analysis for clients that can be understood, tracked, and acted upon.

Social Entrepreneurship:
We develop human capacity to be champions for others and unleash the art of creating systems and programs with a transformative business model focused on bringing about meaningful change.
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