Our Services

Business Intelligence

Global Capital Group defines business intelligence as the new entrepreneurial weapon of choice – customized, strategic, just-in-time information that accurately and insightfully provides answers to a range of complicated business concerns.

Economic Development Research

Our economic development research & consulting services help governments, businesses, institutions, and non-profit organizations leverage economic development fact-finding to create growth and prosperity.

Education & Training Programs

Global Capital Group is a premiere education and training firm whether it’s developing supplier diversity curriculums for Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs), corporations and other buyers, and working with universities and colleges to design outreach training regiments.

Entrepreneurship Research

Our entrepreneurship research & consulting helps clients with accelerating transcended business models with special focus on creating jobs and increasing individual incomes sufficient to generate a sustainable economy and achieve recognizable reduction in poverty and nihilism.

Organizational Development

Organizational development improves structures, strategies, procedures, business practices, and policies. We have worked with organizations of all sectors using multiple organizational development techniques, tools, and methods to help clients re-invent business models resulting in new products, services, programs, initiatives, funding, and cost savings. 

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is the process of evaluating where you are, identifying available resources, defining a vision, and outlining a roadmap while overcoming challenges along the way. Our process involves research and analysis, strategy formation, execution, and continuous evaluation.

Global Capital Group

Global Capital Group is a global business intelligence transdisciplinary consulting firm located in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. Our business intelligence consulting firm uses entrepreneurship approaches and economic development strategies to provide real-time knowledge, measured success, and collective prosperity to our clients.

We provide a full spectrum of consulting services to large corporations, local and state governments, emerging companies, colleges and universities, and non-profit organizations who want their problems solved utilizing world class tools, tactics, and business intelligence solutions.

We believe the best way to reduce poverty, create jobs, create wealth, and create shared prosperity is through cutting edge research, action-oriented initiatives that have real impact, and leadership driven by the value of leveraging unique opportunities.


How can we help you?

Conduct strategic planning

Conduct market analysis

Identify organizational change

Research & identify opportunities

Accelerate innovation

Identify sustainable solutions

Supplier diversity leadership

Identify ecosystem opportunities

Identify market potential & new firm formation

Research & facilitate educational programming

Facilitate economic development research & planning


Global Capital Group is a preferred provider of The Business Council, Inc.’s Business Connection Module.  Global Capital Group’s founder has a vast knowledge of supplier diversity along with the historical background and barriers that have led to the need for our programming.  Global Capital Group is always timely and has always delivered a top-notch product that is truly impactful for our minority-owned business community here in Wisconsin.
Marjorie Rucker

Executive Director, The Business Council