Business intelligence 

How We Help

Whether you are a large corporation, small business, government, college and university, or non-profits organization, our business intelligence consulting services provide a proven strategic technical assistance approach that can be catalytic toward increasing an appetite and aptitude for growth and desire to go the next level.

Global Capital Group defines business intelligence as the new entrepreneurial weapon of choice – customized, strategic, just-in-time information that accurately and insightfully provides answers to a range of complicated business concerns.

Business intelligence is closely associated with market intelligence and competitive intelligence which focuses on obtaining information on new markets, analyzing markets across various sectors and regions, exploring acquisitions opportunities, identifying joint venture partners, and tracking a company’s competition as it relates to strategy, capabilities, and financials.


Business Intelligence Consulting Process

Initial Consultation

Research Agenda

Research Assignment

Conducting Research

Clarifying Findings & Recommendations

Closeout the Engagement

Client Success Stories 

Market Analysis & Product Positioning

Global Capital Group led a team of experts that provided information on new market penetration for a women-owned or minority-owned business manufacturer of a food product.  In addition to the market information, we connected the manufacturer with the Food and Finance Institute inside the University of Wisconsin-Extension System’s Division for Business and Entrepreneurship where the entrepreneur received additional competitive intelligence assistance as well as counseling on how to position the product to new customers.

Marketing Analysis & Strategy

Global Capital Group engaged an engineering firm that is a control and information systems integrator for industrial and municipal clients.  The company is in a deep niche so that made it difficult to really secure information through secondary sources.  Based on an assessment of the company’s readiness to move on high-end information, our team pivoted and provided the company with information on email marketing services providers along with best practices for getting set up and implementing an email marketing program.  At the request of the company’s president, the team provided LinkedIn tutorial to the company’s sales team along with best practices for using LinkedIn to discover and connect with qualified sales leads. 

Uncover New Growth Opportunities

The team assisted a company that is part of a family (consortium) of companies that offer integrated value-added IT solutions and services.  The company’s role in the consortium is the procurement of talent.  After taking the owner through the BI process, our team determined the company was heading toward what we call “death valley” due to serving in a limited role in the consortium with no real employees nor a strategy in place to grow the company in addition to no real signs of innovation.  Through several engagements with the owner it was discovered that they wanted to know if the manufacturing sector is a potential new market for customers. 

Business Intelligence Benefits

Data-Driven Decisions

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Increase organizational efficiency

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Increase Competitive Advantage & Innovation

Uncover Growth Opportunities

Helping clients to accelerate innovative and sustainable solutions