Strategic Planning

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Global Capital Group is a master of the “sweet science” of strategic planning. Strategic planning is the process of evaluating where you are, identifying available resources, defining a vision, and outlining a roadmap while overcoming challenges along the way.  Our strategic plans have helped businesses, cities, counties, colleges and universities, faith-based institutions and other nonprofits not only survive but thrive in an ever-changing environment.  Our process involves research and analysis, strategy formation, execution, and continuous evaluation.

Our strategic planning consulting firm uses a four-step shared vision model to collect substantial data used to develop strategic plans.  The model as executed is a learning laboratory driven by exploration, creativity, and ideation results.  The model is successful because it allows participants to go through an intentional thinking process to move their organization forward.

As a dynamic and thoughtful process, the model creates opportunities for all participants to engage in robust and critical conversations.  Through the model, participants can openly and honestly express their opinions and ultimately bring forth a shared vision.  Therefore, the model’s achievement of a shared vision is synonymous with success.

The model is structured to produce a high-quality plan that clarifies future direction and action.  We believe that the best strategic plans have a built-in process that focuses on collective engagement, actionable information, and bold new ideas.  In addition, high quality plans provide measurable phases with milestones and specified accountabilities.

We have developed a stellar reputation for creating high-quality strategic plans that consist of but not limited to a methodology section that explains how the plan was developed, the organization’s important work, current programs and services, layout of unique opportunities to be pursued, potential partnerships that should be pursued, data analysis, set of achievable recommendations, and evidence of a shared vision that is a part of the roadmap for the future.

Strategic Planning Benefits

Provide a sense of direction

Adapt to Changes in the internal & external environment

Improve Effectiveness & Efficiency

Increase Competitiveness & Uncover strategic advantages & vulnerabilites

Be Proactive and help the organization survive



The strategic plans we hired Global Capital Group to develop has helped us to answer significant questions like who we are, where do we want to be, and how do we want to get there.  Not only have these plans (2019-2023 & 2023-2026) helped us to focus on organizational change but they have also been treatises for a new call to action.  These plans have provided us with a solid foundation for strategic governance, leadership, and management of current and future opportunities.
Dr. George Hinton

Former CEO, Social Development Commission (SDC)

Helping clients to accelerate innovative and sustainable solutions